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The Best Gift Ideas For New Mums

Gift Guide New Moms

Gift idea #1 - A moment of peace

This is probably the only moment where a gift card is THE best choice. Only that this is not a regular gift card, but a life-saving one.

New parents tend to get so many presents for the baby that friends and family often forget that the baby probably doesn’t care that much about all the nice stuff anyway. But who does care are its creators! 

While it really its cute that the baby has fluffy bear pullovers and unicorn blankets, it is actually the freshly born parents that need some pampering. And that’s where you come in!

Here are some best-practice ideas for vouchers for the young mum: 

  • You go for a tour in the stroller for two hours when the baby sleeps, so she can take a nap
  • You-take-care-of-the-baby-while she takes-a-shower-subscription
  • Coming over for a sleepover when she’s alone at night with the baby 🍼 

Be creative! But also, not too much. Think of all the moments during the day where it would be great to not have to care about a baby all the time. These moments are literally everywhere in your day. 

Even just sitting down and drinking a quiet cup of coffee and hold it with two hands can be a thing! Think of anything you do with two hands. And write a gift card for making this moment happen for her. She will be so thankful! If 

How to do it: Buy an expensive looking card and draw/write the voucher yourself. You can decorate it with baby stickers or wellness signs. 

Baby pacifier necklace silver for new mums

Gift idea #2 - A cool necklace for the new mum

There are some reasons why you won’t go for gift idea #1: You don’t like to take care of babies, you have one yourself (and are kinda busy keeping it alive and happy), or you live so far away that you won’t be able to come by see the new baby anytime soon. 

Not to worry - there is another nice option: A necklace for the young mum. Not a ring. Not a tattoo. A baby necklace that looks cool.

It serves kind of a double purpose: It is a gift for the mum who otherwise only gets baby stuff. At the same time, it actually creates a nice connection to her little one. And will serve her as a shiny reminder that she’s a real fighter and survived that tough time. 

Why it’s cool: Because most people get rings - which are nice, but also often expected. A necklace is something different. While some babies might pull necklaces, we at Mermaid Stories found that it is surprisingly easy to hide them under your t-shirt (as opposed to earrings). 

Also, jewelry gives the new mom a feeling of still belonging to the real world where people have time to dress up. 

Healthy comfort food

Gift idea #3 - Comfort food that is not unhealthy

Many soon-to-be-mums are obsessed with what they’re eating while they are pregnant - and this doesn’t stop when they are breastfeeding, wither! After all, what they eat is what the kid gets the next day (or so).

At the same time, the task of eating healthy food in the first weeks with a newborn can be hard to adhere to. Also, she probably really craves comfort food in these tiring days. What to do?

A great way to help the new mum is to cook something great, but healthy, and freeze it. Then drop it by so she can put it in her freezer and have a comfort food stock. A healthy one.

So what do I mean by comfort food that is healthy? Think a really well-cooked soup or broth or a vegetable lasagna with plenty of greens. Any dish that you made yourself from great, fresh ingredients.

The new mum will be able to throw it in a pan or the microwave and think about how wonderful you are.

If you live to far away or have no chance to deliver the food or find a good service, gift idea #5 is a nice alternative. Or you send a takeaway person over. 


Baby photo book

Gift idea #4 - A baby memory book (but not what you think!)

No, this is not the usual idea to buy a book about "baby’s first year". Instead, you will invest time in a bit of a long-term commitment. 

Now this is not as bad as it sounds. Actually, it is pretty nice. 

Every new parent wants to look at pictures of their baby all the time. As soon as the baby sleeps or is out of sight, they look at pictures of it. But with the years, these get buried in phones and laptops.

Offer them you take care of making a baby book for them when the first year is over. Or the first half year. Or whichever period you feel comfortable with.

You could even remind them to send the photos over.

So this idea is not only a book, but kind of a voucher. Then you can give the book together with the service of putting the book together, so the new mum only has to choose her favorite baby images.

Takes a huge pressure of her, I can guarantee.




Gift idea #5 - A smoothie subscription

Now I know that this is already the second tip about food. But food is a thing. A quite big one, to be honest. 

Some new moms (and dads!) are so overwhelmed by everything that they live on Coca Cola and candy for the first weeks. Not good. Especially not when breastfeeding.

If there is one great invention in the last years for that, it's smoothie subscriptions. My quick Google search for “smoothie subscription” popped out 31,800,000 results - so I am confident you find one that delivers to the chosen address.

Choose one that looks nice and has a lot of vitamins. And make sure you don’t forget to cancel on time. 


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If you have more great ideas for new mums, I’d love to read your comment!



About the Author
Victoria is the founder of Copenhagen-based jewelry brand Mermaid Stories and in love with everything mermaidy. When she isn't working, she likes running at the beach and eating pancakes. Current favorite earrings: Alda






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